Call of the Church

The Triumph of God's Word in the Earth


Greetings. My name is John White. I live in the mountains of North Carolina. My heart is for the Church to have clear Biblical vision of the fullness of its calling. I emphatically believe that the Church will grow to the fullness of Christ in history and disciple the nations.

My wife and I have homeschooled for nearly 20 years not to escape from culture but as a way to disciple our children with a clear vision of bringing God’s Kingdom – His government and law – to bear in the earth in every area of life.

We moved from Atlanta to the North Carolina mountains 13 years ago. Our closest and dearest friends had moved from Atlanta to the mountains a few years before. We wanted to continue walking through life and raising our families together. My friend, David, and I are business partners and have been for 13 years. We both left finance careers in Atlanta.

Our local Christian community is eclectic. Many of our friends, like us, are from somewhere else. My church background is mixed but I am reformed, non-cessationist, post-millennial (until we find a better label), theonomic and I embrace Van Til’s epistemology. Our family is part of Christ the King, a reformed Anglican fellowship.

I hope and pray that this site will be a blessing and an encouragement to you in your walk with the Lord.


John W.

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