Scotland’s national legislature is contemplating laws that would potentially result in imprisonment up to 7 years for someone who openly criticizes the faith of transgenderism.

As Christians, this should not surprise us. God’s law itself prohibits verbal blasphemy against God. And it prohibits open proselytizing to lead people to worship any other God.

Life is religious in nature and all men have faith, either Christian faith in the Creator or rebellious faith. God’s blasphemy laws reflect this binary reality. The “rebel against God” says in his heart, “There is no God.” He then proceeds to imagine the world the way he wants it to be in terms of his faith.

All men are hard-wired by God to live and build in terms of their faith. Unbelievers reject God’s revelation and law and set out to reconstruct the world according to their own rebellious vision. This is detailed in Romans 1. They want others to think as they do. They want their faith to have dominion in the earth. Thus, the laws of a nation are binary: they will either honor God and promote obedience to Him or they will honor and promote man’s rebellion. There is no third “neutral” option.

So, it should come as no surprise to Christians that unbelievers are pressing forward to build civil law based on their faith. They are remaking the world as they would have it to be.

For most of Church history, Christians built in terms of their faith. From the time of Constantine, 325 AD, until the 1600’s AD Christians looked to God’s law as the authoritative standard for civil law and social mores.

Consider, for example, Alfred, the Saxon King of England in the 800s AD. Harold Berman writes in “Law and Revolution” that “the Laws of King Alfred start with the Ten Commandments and a restatement of the law of Moses…Alfred’s laws consisted largely of a recapitulation of earlier collections”, presumably from earlier kings.

Or consider the laws of the New Haven colony which settled in what is now Connecticut: “March 2, 1641: According to the fundamental agreement made by full and general consent… the judicial law of God given by Moses and expounded in other parts of Scripture, so far as it is a hedge and a fence to the moral law, and neither ceremonial nor typical, nor had any reference to Canaan, hath an everlasting equity in it, and should be the rule of their proceedings.”

How far we have come since that time! That statement by the officers of the New Haven colony may not be perfect, but you still can see that they were Christian people and they would, in the name of God, have a Christian civil government.

The advance of humanist thought in the Church changed this massively important aspect of our society. John Locke and others in the 1600s promoted the idea that civil government could somehow be “neutral” and thus be “fair” when applied to all men. This was a critical mistake. God’s law is not subject to a test of fairness by any man. His law applies to all men because He is Almighty and Holy and because He created the heavens and the earth.

The Church today has largely adopted this “neutral” stance toward government and civil law. Now with the rise of legal abortion, gay marriage and humanist public schools to disciple our nation’s children, the Church’s “neutral” civil theology is being tested by fire. We will have God’s law or Satan’s law. There is ultimately no middle ground.