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Blogging from the North Carolina mountains about the Great Commission, God’s law & covenants, and church & family life. The theological keynote of the site is the essay “Israel in the New Covenant” which asserts that the call and work of the church of Jesus Christ is firmly rooted in God’s exposition of the New Covenant in the Old Testament and that only based on that exposition will the church grow to the fullness and maturity of her calling.

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Blessing and Cursing – Notes from John Calvin

Blessing and cursing are not things most Christians know much about — at least not biblically. Instead, we are often more familiar with ideas of witches and warlocks casting spells or putting curses on people. Such ideas are mostly nonsense; but they are derived from ideas in the Bible. Biblical blessing and cursing are reward […]

Primer on the Law of God

When we speak of “God’s law”, we need to clarify what we mean because references are made to God’s “law” in a variety of contexts in the Bible. For instance, in Psalm 119:160, King David said, “All your words are true; all your righteous laws are eternal.” If God’s laws are eternal does that mean that all […]

This is the Culture the Church Has Created

In the early chapters of Herman Melville’s classic novel, Moby Dick, Ishmael visits a worship service before joining a ship’s crew and heading out on his whaling expedition. The architecture of the church building he enters has a nautical theme and the pulpit is fashioned to resemble the bow of a ship. Ishmael comments on the propriety […]